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About AIM Dental Implant Education

The goal of AIM is to promote and provide educational services that help move participants towards mastery of dental implantology.  AIM Education is focused on providing practical education that positively impacts dental professionals clinical practice in the shortest period of time.  Do a course today and start applying what you've learned in your practice tomorrow!

AIM is offering a variety of courses for 2023, starting in March.

  1. Long courses offer participants the opportunity to place implants in patients and restore these under supervision

  2. The short courses consist of hands on one day courses to boost your knowledge in one particular area of implant dentistry

  3. We also have Zoom lectures organised from a variety of local and international speakers

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Dental implantology continues to be one of the largest growth areas in dentistry. The number of dental implant procedures continues to increase exponentially. The need for dental implant education has never been greater to ensure implant procedures are carried out utilising evidence based protocols and high quality materials and equipment.


AIM Education is supported by the Dental Implant Registry (DIR).

The DIR is an online registry for dental implant components, that allows dentists to record and identify the implants of existing, new or emergency patients quickly and accurately. By recording implants directly on the registry, patient details will always be up-to-date and accessible, from anywhere in the world.

The registry also assists in long term research on dental implant products and treatment protocols. This helps to provide scientific information to the industry on the performance of products and protocols which can be used in treatment planning to improve patient outcomes.

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