Interested in Gaining Mentoring for Implant Cases?

AIM Education are offering the chance for you to participate in various levels of mentorship with our AIM Lecturers

Want to build your confidence surrounding dental implant placement? Why not book in to watch live surgery with a Specialist

Have a specific implant case that you want guidance on during surgery? Book a time with one of our Specialists who will assist you during the surgery!

Contact our team for more information about pricing and and booking options

Live Surgery Viewing

Book in to watch an AIM Specialist perform live dental implant surgery. Options include half or full days

Assist with a Case

Have an implant case coming up that you want assistance with? Book in with an AIM Specialist who will assist you during your live surgery. Options include use of Specialists facility

Yearly Mentorship

Want to hone your dental implant surgery skills? Book in with one of our AIM Specialists and over the course of 12 months you will perform 6 implant cases under supervision. Options include use of Specialists facility

Enquire with us today about mentoring options that are best suited for you!