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Dr Steven Soukoulis


MDS (Perio Adel) Clin Dip Dent (Adel)

About Steven Soukoulis

Dr Soukoulis graduated in a masters of periodontics in 2001 after completing a clinical residency in the Adelaide dental hospital. At that time he also worked in the medically compromised clinic giving him well rounded experience in dental trauma, dental patients with systemic diseases, and implantology. He moved into private practice and has continued to expand his practice in implantology and heavily involved in education both in Australia and abroad. Finally he has been a founding member of the DIR and to this day continues to support its activities.

Dr Hezel Cohen.png
Dr Hezel Cohen


B.Ch.D (Stell) Cert. Pros. (Kings) DCD Pros (Melb) FAANZP MRACDS (Pros)

About Hezel Cohen

Dr Hezel Cohen graduated with his Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Stellenbosch in 2001. In 2008 he moved to Australia and worked as a general dentist in Central Queensland for five years where he continued to gain invaluable experience in all aspects of dentistry, especially in oral surgery and restorative dentistry. As a respected member of several dental organisations, Dr Cohen has been invited as a guest speaker to several local dental events and is actively involved in the continual education for young dentists since returning to Perth in 2019. Dr Cohen has joined the team at Centre for Prosthodontics as an associate in 2020. Finally, Dr Cohen is a respected member of a number of societies including: AANZP, ITI, ICP, APS, AOS, ADA and MRACDS.

Dr Mehdi Valizadeh headshot.png
Dr Mehdi Valizadeh


Clin. Associate Prof, DDS. MS

About Mehdi Valizadeh

Dr Mehdi Valizadeh is the founder and clinical director of Vision Periodontics (WA). He is an overseas trained, board-certified, and Australian-registered specialist periodontist, who has presented his clinical research work nationally and internationally (more than 70 presentations) in conferences, seminars, educational courses and other scientific platforms. His academic background has always led him taking up on teaching roles in academic institutions alongside his clinical work. Formerly being an assistant professor overseas, he has been a clinical supervisor exclusively for DCD (Doctor of Clinical Dentistry) course in Periodontics at dental school/OHCWA. Mehdi is an active member/fellow of multiple prestigious societies in his field of his practice and is the current president of Australian Society of Periodontology – WA branch

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