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AIM PRF Course Highlights - July 2023 Sydney

AIM attendees learning how to use PRF

Last Friday, AIM Education ran our popular Peri-Implant Grafting Using PRF course in Sydney

This one-day course was well received by a full house of dental professionals, who were eager to learn the underutilised yet essential skill of grafting with PRF, along with gaining venipuncture certification.

The morning session saw Dr Michael Walker, Sydney’s sedation specialist, discuss, show hands on techniques, then provide certification on venipuncture training to all of our attendees.

Dr Michael Walker teaching venipuncture

During the middle of the day, periodontist Dr Steve Soukoulis provided educational lectures, showcasing a number of recent cases of his that has seen outstanding healing of patients when using PRF grafting.

Dr Steve Soukoulis presenting the AIM PRF Course in Sydney July 2023

After lunch, attendees then were provided with surgical kits and models and were able to apply these newly learnt skills under guidance in working with PRF grafting (which was drawn by the attendees themselves!)

The day was then capped off with a lovely dinner with celebratory drinks at a nearby restaurant, by our thoughtful sponsor Howard Pogorelsky of BioMeDent

All attnedees of this course were offered a special discount off relevant PRF products with our sponsor.

Attendees at the AIM PRF Course

As with all AIM courses, all attendees were added to a WhatsApp group chat prior to the event, which will be used indefinitely to allow participants to contact their lecturer with any future cases, where they can showcase their newly learnt skills or ask any follow up questions regarding their cases. This is an invaluable way for our attendees to improve their competency in implant related dentistry.

This dental course provided attendees with 8 CPD points.

Due to the popularity of this course, AIM Education will run this course again in 2024, so if you are interested in learning these valuable skills, register your interest with our team today!

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