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AIM Soft Tissue Course Highlights

Updated: May 16, 2022

Academy for Implant Mastery Soft Tissue Course. Dental Implant Education and Training

The Academy for Implant Mastery (AIM Education) held their first short course recently, to great success. The Soft Tissue Grafting for the Beginner course, graciously sponsored by Biohorizons.

Our eager dental professionals’ days began with a series of lectures by our experienced instructor Dr Steve Soukoulis, which included a number of discussions about various cases that Dr Soukoulis had tackled in the past. Topics that were covered included the pathogenesis recession legions, their epidemiology and surgical procedures associated with their correction.

After the lecture series was completed, the late morning and afternoon included a practical component utilising pig jaws. During the hands on session, Dr Soukoulis presented important tips and tricks which make the difference in predictability and results of surgical treatment.

All of the attendees had 1 on 1 assistance with Dr Soukoulis to improve their skills, and all definitely left with much better understandings and skill sets required to tackle recession defects in their patients.

Post course, all attendees were added to a WhatsApp group chat to not only discuss the course and post any lingering questions they have, but also to allow the AIM team to send through further guidance (via video links and studies) to help continue the dental education of the budding dental professionals.

This dental course provided the attendees with 8 CPD points. Future courses will include 2 and 3 day soft tissue courses with live patients, so keep a look out on the AIM website!

As part of the sponsorship, attendees were lucky enough to be able to access the following specials with Biohorizons:

- Alloderm (any variant or size) 30% off their first purchase

- Pat Allen Kit only $3,595 (also 30% off with RRP $5,132.95)

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