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Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry 2023 - Week 1

The Academy for Implant Mastery (AIM Education) kicked off 2023 with their first week of their Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry course. This is their long running course that takes participants on a 9 month journey, from learning the basics of implant dentistry, to placing and restoring implants by years end! AIM is proudly running this course for the second year to a new group of eager dental professionals!

This first weekend saw participants view some live implant surgery, before heading to the classroom to learn a variety of topics including; incorporation of new skills into their practices, site assessment and timing of implant placement, spacing requirements and biologic principles and haemorrhage in oral surgery procedures and how to management them.

There were many questions asked throughout both days, all of which were answered and explained in detail by our experienced instructor Dr Steve Soukoulis. Participants were also added to a private WhatsApp group chat that allows an easy platform for any questions from participants, along with allowing the AIM team to provide new information, cases, and to the group throughout the year.

Participants were provided with lecture slide packs for reference, along with a layout of how the course will run for the rest of the year, including “homework” to begin sourcing potential implant patients for placement by the September and November course dates.

All participants left feeling they had made the right choice in booking in for this course, knowing this will give them the best start in their implantology journeys.

The course was proudly sponsored by Southern Implants, Biohorizons Camlog, Henry Schein, NSK Oceania and Curaprox.

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